We Offer Professional Hunter Alignments in Sussex County, Delaware.

In the world of wheel alignments, there’s absolutely no substitute for the professional alignment only Hunter Alignment equipment can offer. Alignment technology is continuously updating, but Hunter Engineering Company constantly remains the leader in the industry. Our mechanics use Hunter Alignment equipment, the best alignment equipment on the market, on every wheel alignment for exact measurements and precise adjustments. Hunter Alignment equipment helps us to guarantee the best possible wheel alignment services for our clients here in lower Delaware.


Hunter was founded in 1946 by Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee Lee Hunter. Hunter designs, manufactures and sells alignment systems, suspension and brake testing systems, wheel balancing, and brake and vehicle lift equipments.

They provide undercar service equipment for major car and truck producers, dealerships, and auto shops.

With Hunter Alignment equipment, we guarantee an exact wheel alignment done right the first time. We believe that our clients merit the best wheel alignment service possible, provided through the best alignment equipment obtainable.

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